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Spacious Mind is a learning center offering ongoing classes and retreats that foster an investigative approach to spiritual development. The underlying purpose of any learning situation at Spacious Mind is to encourage and draw forth from the student a direct, intelligent, creative investigation into the nature of reality, free from any dogma, religious rites or prescribed tradition.

The Difference Class Engagement Can Make


Sourced in the non-dual wisdom tradition the activities at Spacious Mind are dedicated to the investigation of life itself, the discovery of the naturally meditative mind, the meaning of being human, and the opportunity to live in an intimate and compassionate relationship with this world.

Class Hours

Sundays: 9am - 3:30pm
9a.m. - Noon - Chanting, Spacious Observation & All Levels Class
1p.m. - 3:30p.m. - Advanced Class by Prior Teacher Interview

Our Teacher


Our teacher is Madelon Wheeler-Gibb founder of Spacious Mind Learning and Retreat Center. She has been teaching spiritual development for over 40 years both internationally and locally.    

"...for in great spaciousness there flows such graciousness that you can come to know yourself without yourself."  -M

  "We do not necessarily have to seek something outside of ourselves in order to find a spiritual or sacred way of living. There is a graciousness that is already flowing within our being; it is a deep current of communication and responsiveness that quite naturally surfaces and flows within the stream of our everyday activity and thought. Detecting this existing grace in the most common of circumstances triggers a different level of knowing within ourselves and our world. A sacred life is simply one that consciously flows within this graciousness. A holy life is simply one that recognizes itself everywhere."   

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Spacious Mind Learning and Retreat Center

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